Welcome to our Jabiru Jewelry website representing in Australia World Famous jewelry designer, Harry Mason of  San Francisco,  California, USA!  Now you, too, can be and feel special when wearing these unique, patented designs!

What’s the story behind this new venture?  I was born and raised in California.  (Meeting a crazy Australian in a bar in Borneo while on an Underwater Photography Scuba Diving trip on Halloween evening many years ago is the short story version of how I ended up living in Australia more than 20 years ago).

My first pair of spiral earrings was purchased from Harry’s Pier 39 Store in San Francisco in 1994.  I’ve been wearing his jewelry for more than 30 years and have always loved it’s uniqueness.

In July 2009, my husband, Tom, and I went through San Francisco on our way to visit friends and family in the USA.  Of course, we wandered over to Pier 39 which is the home of Harry Mason Designer JewelryTM.  This time I was served by Harry’s lovely wife, Kathryn, who showed me a variety of styles.  I bought several pieces, which I absolutely loved.  What I didn’t realize, though, was that other people would love them too!

Back home in Australia, every time I would wear my Harry Mason Designer Jewelry I would get comments and compliments — even from total strangers on the street.  People were asking me where I got it from and telling me how great it looked.  They wanted some for themselves.  The first few times this happened I thought, hmm, isn’t it great that I am the only person in Australia to have these beautiful items?  When people kept asking, it occurred to me the Universe was showing us a fabulous, unique opportunity.  With my husband’s experience in the import/export business and with world-wide logistics as his background (he’s worked in 68 countries) it seemed like a natural fit and Jabiru Jewelry was born!

Now you, too, can Look Great and Feel Special wearing these beautiful, hand-crafted earrings without having to go all the way to San Francisco!

September 2010

We've visited Harry & Kathryn in San Francisco and 'worked' in their Pier 39 shop.

Here's a photo of the 4 of us snapped before we left.

We got to see the new styles being developed and learn how they sell to customers who visit their Pier 39 store.  It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience!

One tip I learned from Kathryn -- it looks great wearing a DIFFERENT earring in each ear -- they don't HAVE to match!  Kathryn was wearing the Celtic Cross on one side and the Infinity Spiral on the other.  If you look closely, you can see the Sun Necklace she's wearing.

I've been wearing the Celtic Cross in one ear and the NEW Treble Clef music note in the other.  Try 'mismatching ' your earrings just to see who notices!

The new styles are fabulous!  You've got to see them.  

 Go to our website:  www.jabirujewelry.com.au

 (Note the USA spelling of jewelry).