CONVERTIBLE EARSPIRALS!!

               Our California Convertible Earspirals (tm) with Dangles you can change, are fun for all occasions.

           Wear the Earspirals plain or add the Dangles of your choice, shown here, to match your outfit or mood.

                        More than ever, with California Convertibles & Dangles, you can Express yourself.  

          Most importantly, they are great when travelling. Take one pair of Earspirals and Multiple Sets of Dangles.

                                               A whole wardrobe of looks in one small purple box!!

                   The Dangles spiral on & off the Spiral end of the California Convertible Earspiral before you
                                        Spiral them it into your ear and can't come off while in your ear.

                             These Dangles can also be worn on our "No Spin Zone" earrings (Snails, etc)

                                    Our Cubic Zirconias are AAAAA qualtity & sparkle like Diamonds!!

                                                                          We won't tell, will You?



                            THE VARIOUS DESIGNS

001 Birth Stone Dangles
California Convertible Dangles with a simulated Garnet, January Birthstone. Available in 14K Gold-filled & Sterling Silver
Product Code: CDJAGF
Price $49.95
002 10mm, 8mm, 6mm Bling
Various Large Dangles to add Bling!! Available in 14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver
Product Code: CDAPCZ10GF
Price $109.95
003 Laboratory Grown Opal Dangles
Dangles for California Convertibles. Stunning Colours!! Available in 14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver
Product Code: CDBGOP6GF
Price $69.95
004 Dangles - GOLD
3mm Shiny & 7mm Laser Cut Beads, 14k Gold Filled
Product Code: CD3DI73GF
Price $49.95
005 Dangles - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
Product Code: CD2B5SS
Price $49.95
006 Crystals, Stones, CZ's & more
6mm Aurora Borealis color cube shaped Dangle SS
Product Code: CD2SWABSQ6SS
Price $49.95
007 Cultured Pearls
Dangles for Earspirals for a Classic Look. Available in 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. Also in other colours.
Product Code: CDFOGF
Price $59.95
008 Turquoise Dangles
Dangles for California Convertibles with genuine Turquoise,14K Gold-filled.
Product Code: CDTQN5GF
Price $49.95
009 Austrian Crystal Hearts
Coloured Heart Dangles IN 14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver
Product Code: CDSWHJYSS
Price $49.95
010 Hematite
Various designs. Available in 14K Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver.
Product Code: CDH7GF
Price $49.95
011 Austrian Crystals
Various Colours, Shapes & Designs including Pearls
Product Code: CD2SWBKBRMSS
Price $49.95
012 Black Onyx
Black Onyx Oval Shape. Available in 14K Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver
Product Code: CDBXOGF
Price $59.95
013 Special Designs
Special Designed Dangles to suit California Convertibles. Available in 14K Gold-filled & Sterling Silver.
Product Code: CDPAXSGF
Price $59.95
014 Genuine Lapis Lazuli
Available in 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
Product Code: CDLP6GF
Price $59.95
015 Paua Shell Dangles
Various designs using Paua Shell available in both 14K Gold-filled & Sterling Silver.
Product Code: CDBXOGF
Price $59.95
016 Sliders
Sliders are Dangles on a chain. They can be worn with a Stud Earring,a California Convertible Earcuff, or you can wear them with the shorter styles of our California Convertible Earspirals
Product Code: SL7FOGF
Price $65.95