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Ear Cuffs fit on the middle of the ear over the cartilage.  Ear Cuffs are priced as singles,

however, you can wear a pair if you choose... they're YOUR ears!

Some styles you can wear on either right or left ear.  Others are specific to either right or left ear.

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California Convertibles
Ear Wraps
Ear Cuffs

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How to Put on Ear Cuffs
How to put on and remove your Ear Cuffs 
Standard Ear Cuffs
Styles in Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled and Niobium (Colour) for either left or right ear!
Product Code: 9.3GF
Price $29.95
Snake Earcuff
This style can be worn on EITHER Right or Left ear. Available in 14K Gold-filled or Sterling Silver.
Product Code: 9SKSS
Price $49.95
Squiggle Earcuff, Left Ear
Available in 14K Gold-filled or Sterling Silver
Product Code: 9SQLSS
Price $39.95
Ear Cuffs with BLING!!!
CLICK ON THE IMAGE. Sometimes you just want a bit of Bling! And then there are times when you want a bit more!
Product Code: 9TRW1CZ5LGF
Price $79.95
California Convertible Ear Cuffs
Ear Cuffs you can add Dangles or Sliders to. Use your own or choose from our fabulous selection!