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Our Playful non-pierced, pierced look, Ear Wraps are great for a fun and different look.

To someone who doesn't know you're wearing our Ear Wraps, you give the appearance of having pierced ears even though piercing is not needed!

Ear Wraps are smaller than Ear cuffs and fit on the soft edge of the ear at the top or bottom.

Ear Wraps are sold individually and usually are worn on one ear.

However, if you want to wear a pair, order two, they're your ears!

Or if you want to "Gift Wrap your Ears", order several.


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California Convertibles
Ear Wraps
Ear Cuffs

Necklaces, Chains & Pendants



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Green Niobium Double Earwrap
Product Code: 6DGN
Price $19.95
Teal Green Niobium Double Earwrap
Product Code: 6DTN
Price $19.95
Multicolour Niobium
Wide Band Earwrap
Product Code: 6MN
Price $19.95
Teal blended to Green Niobium
Wide Band Earwrap
Product Code: 6TNGN
Price $19.95
Wide Band Earwrap 14K Gold-Filled
Wear it at the top or bottom of your ear.
Product Code: 6GF
Price $19.95
Wide Band Earwrap Sterling Silver
Product Code: 6SS
Price $19.95
Zig Zag, Loops & Other Designs
Choose from 14K Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or Niobium
Price $19.95
Zig Zag Green Niobium
Product Code: 6ZGN
Price $19.95